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Welcome to Sparkfly. A place for women to share, inspire, create.

Sparkfly is a series of evenings featuring diverse women in Vancouver sharing their creative journeys. It is a place where women can share, inspire and create. It is a small and intimate gathering creating a warm and safe space for the speakers and audience to reveal their experiences, ideas and dreams.

We’d love to see you at our next event on December 4th, 2014!

For more information or if you would like to share your creative journey please email us at

**All proceeds from ticket sales help us cover cost of space, treats and beverages as well as for future shows. Thank you for your support!**

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July 6th, 2012 at 2:53 pm

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Tis the Season To Be Awesome!

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Join us for a festive evening of celebration, inspiration and indulgence.  On December 4th Sparkfly will be held at Mink Chocolates Cafe (home of the World’s Best Chocolate Bar!). Come ready to connect with other women in Vancouver, sample chocolates and hear from our two incredible speakers.  “Tis The Season To Be Awesome” and our speakers certainly fit the bill!

Sarah Jamieson is an Ideator; a Movement & Performance Coach; a Social Crusader; a Yoga Teacher; an Advocate for Youth;  an Athlete; a Compassion Junkie; and a Public Speaker.  She is what you would call a freelance do’gooder, a runner of amok of all things bucketlist and philanthropically inclined. Sarah is an accidental superhero who believes that inside every person resides a HERO.  As the Founder of RUN4ACause she has run over 50,000 miles and raised $1.9 million for charities and causes. She is a TedX Speaker and an innovator in the field of movement, biomechanics, and PTSD.


Caroline MacGillivray is best known as the Executive Director and founder of Beauty Night Society. By the end of 2014, Beauty Night will have given more than 50,000 life-makeovers to women who live in poverty in 14 years. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed: she is honored to be a 2002 Flare Volunteer Award (national) recipient, Shakti Public Service 2012 recipient, 2010 Spirit of the Crane Gold Community Award recipient, MetoWe Finalist(National), 2 time Woman of Worth finalist and a five-time YWCA Woman of Distinction Nominee. Caroline is also a speaker, writer, dance instructor, yoga instructor and a medical qi gong therapist in training. She was thrilled to be the recipient of full scholarships for medical qi gong practitioner and yoga teacher training certifications. She is also known as the host and producer of Sexy in Vancity Radio on 101.9FM CITR (Wednesday Nights at 10pm).

Tickets are available NOW!


“Thank you Globalme for supporting our event!”

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November 13th, 2014 at 2:19 pm

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Unconditional Giving – October 16th, 2014

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We are happy to announce our next Sparkfly event on Thursday, October 16th at The Art Way.  The theme of our evening will be “unconditional giving” and we are thrilled to introduce two Vancouver women who we believe exemplify, embrace and share this concept in their lives. Meet our speakers:

Shehnaz Cavey







Honoured as one of Vancouver’s “Remarkable Women“, Shehnaz Cavey has been advocating for oppressed and marginalized people from a very young age.  As soon as she was able, she volunteered her time, and by the age of twenty, she was helping to coordinate conferences, lead seminars, and speak on behalf of the oppressed and marginalized – paying particular attention to the lives of women, children, and the elderly. During the day, Shehnaz works as a high school English teacher. When not teaching, she volunteers in her West End neighbourhood as a pro bono mediator, board, and committee member.  She devotes much of what she does to nurturing wholeness and understanding amongst others, and continues to do what she can to help strengthen the bonds of healthy community life.

Tara Kemes












When Tara was in her early 20s, she started researching how to become a surrogate. She knew she did not want to be a parent, yet desired the life experiences of pregnancy and child birth. What she discovered, in short, was that she was not “qualified.” Fast forward 15 (ish!) years and a random series of events, Tara was introduced to two wonderful men who desired to be fathers. With eggs from one of the future-father’s sisters, together they became #TheCircus and a healthy baby was born this past spring. Along this journey Tara has met with a lot of curiosity, bafflement, some judgement and skeptics, and loads of support.

Join us for an evening of inspiration as we listen to these women share their stories and what compels them to perform acts of unconditional giving in a seemingly self-centric world. Learn how these ‘gifts’ have changed their own lives and those around them.

 Tickets are available now!

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September 23rd, 2014 at 1:16 pm

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May 8th – Vancouver Sparkfly “Cultivating a Creative Community”

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We are thrilled to announce our next Sparkfly! Join us at Artway Studio for a fun and interactive night.  Come prepared to laugh, learn and be inspired.  Our speakers have a lovely talk about creating and sustaining a creative community.  More details on our speakers and to purchase tickets please visit

We hope to see you there!!

7c0917c6871411e180d51231380fcd7e_7                                                                                                      Artwork by: Rachel Ashe

images (1)                                                                                                   Photo by: Vivienne McMaster

2012j                                                                                                      Artwork by: Denna Erickson



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April 25th, 2014 at 11:10 am

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Sparkfly Victoria – The Journey

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The Journey

Do you ever feel like you are just skating….nowhere….. fast? With all the roles we juggle as women, it is challenging to find the time to evaluate and reflect on the personal journey we are on.  Prepare to find inspiration from the stories of two fabulous and creative women who bring a level of depth and awareness to their own journey.   Join us for an evening of sharing, exploration and great conversation at the warm and inviting Nourish Bistro

Sparkfly pic 1 web

Chantey Dayal

We are happy to present our first speaker, Chantey Dayal, a very talented visual artist from the Cowichan Valley who weaves themes of identity, motherhood and nature into her works. Chantey will share about her journey as an artist and woman. She will also share exercises to deepen your own creativity that will encourage you on your path. Recently, she travelled to Ethiopia with her 9 year old daughter to participate in building schools for Imagine1Day. This journey has inspired her own work which she will share with us on this evening.
Chantey has presented in the past at the Vancouver Sparkfly. She should not be missed. Be prepared to create!

Lena Del Mar

Lena is a student, teacher and co – owner of Moksha Yoga Victoria.

She is a wonderful guide for anyone’s journey in life. Lena’s influences come from various traditions, teachers, and cultures. To her, practicing yoga is like ” embracing the puzzle of life and finding peace with all of the pieces, even when it seems like they don’t fit.” Lena is an intense seeker herself and she has the ability to guide others to their truth. While not teaching yoga, running a thriving studio or managing a busy family, Lena leads retreats in Mexico. .   On this Sparkfly evening, Lena will share about how to deepen our journey and infuse it with more meaning and joy


Our goal at Sparkfly is to encourage community, collective creativity and stimulate collaboration.  Let’s get together and have to dream, share and give ourselves the space and permission to explore.  The last event was sold out and tickets are limited, so secure yours now.

Order tickets via Eventbrite:


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January 23rd, 2014 at 5:05 pm

Next Event: Going Against The Grain – January 30th

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Join us for our first event of the year!  On January 30th we welcome three incredible women to speak at Sparkfly.

Dina Goldstein – Visual Artist and Conceptual photographer.

Katrina Pacey – Lawyer and women’s activist.

Claire Lassam – Cook, Baker and Blogger.

It is sure to be an evening of fine conversation and interesting stories.  Please join us at our new location: The Wilder Snail Cafe.



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January 8th, 2014 at 4:48 pm

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Renewal – Launch of Sparkfly in Victoria!!!!

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This idea of a women’s gathering came to me a few years ago. Whether it was at school drop off/pick up or walking down the street or reading the Georgia Straight, I came across so many talented women. I wanted to know their story, to create a space where we could give each other inspiration or a nudge to say ‘good for you’ or maybe even some criticism as that has its place too for the growth of our work.  Sparkfly has been active now for nearly two years and we have had such great events and most have left us (and I hope the participants) with so much awe for our creative minds and the inspiration that I at least received from them was priceless.

_MG_9589 web

So imagine my excitement when my gorgeous and stylish friend, Pam Lewis, got in touch with me to say that she wanted to host a Sparkfly event in Victoria. She was amazed at the talent found in Victoria and she wanted to create the same space we have done so here in Vancouver for women to share, inspire and create. Cherish and I were also excited to visit Victoria for its launch on Friday November 1. The Sparkfly theme for the evening was Renewal.

Pam had chosen Nourish restaurant which is about 15 minutes from downtown Victoria. As we arrived, we wished that we had enough time to return in the morning to see its setting in daylight (surrounded by beautiful gardens). It is a quaint place with healthy beautiful snacks which the owner was generous to offer us. The space was perfect for the occasion.

_MG_9613 web


_MG_9590 web

_MG_9771 web

The evening started off with a bang with Monique Salez as the first speaker. Now when you meet Monique I think you will be in for a treat. She is a passionate woman who will energize and renew you with every word. Monique is the Owner and the Artistic Director of Raino Dance and she literally celebrates life through dance. With Monique we learnt to let go of our inhibitions, she even got Pam dancing on the stage! Now that was a treat!

_MG_9696 web


_MG_9691 web


_MG_9711 web

After a short break of mingling and snacking, we started the second part of our evening with the lovely Leslie Shewring. Leslie is the author of the creative and popular blog A Creative Mint and she also authors a popular monthly column on the Decor8 blog called Color Me Pretty. Sensing a need to renew her creativity,  she took a step back from blogging this year to pursue opportunities that were a result of her online presence.  Not only is she publishing her first book through Chronicle Books  on flowers and decorating, she is launching a line of textiles which will be coming out in the new year. Leslie shared how the world of social media renewed her spirit and creativity. She stressed that if it is done with intention, it will be a place where an online community can be formed through blogging, Pinterest and Instagram which will in turn renew and spark other’s people’s creativity and inspiration. She also shared about her commitment to practice creativity in small ways everyday in order to nourish herself.

_MG_9770 web

So, what did we come away with after this evening of sharing stories? Well, for Cherish and I, we came away with laughter, with a sense of community  and camaraderie. Kudos to Pam for putting on this event and we look forward to many more in Victoria.

If you would like to put on a Sparkfly event in your part of the world, please contact us. Cherish and I are busy putting together a ‘how to’ post for this purpose.



Photo Credit: Michelle Kalyk – thank you!

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November 29th, 2013 at 1:19 pm

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Sparkfly Victoria Launch – Friday November 1

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We are so excited that Sparkfly is launching in Victoria on November 1. The fabulous Pam Lewis is organising this evening and we will be there to support her. Here is the info on the speakers, hope to see you there!

Join us for an evening of sharing, exploration and great conversation. Prepare to find inspiration from the stories of two fabulous, creative women who have made and continue to make their mark in Victoria and beyond. We are so excited to have the following women share their stories with us. We will learn how they arrived at the place they are in, what served as a catylst for them to get there and how do they renew themselves on their journey

Monique Salez 

monique_salez web

Owner, Artistic Director of  A mulit-talented performer/teacher, Monique is incredibly passionate about the potential for the human spirit to speak through the body in motion. A teacher of Flamenco, Efunk, floor barre, Pilates and Vinyasa Yoga, Monique moves and instructs from the inside out. Awarded multiple grants from The Canada & BC Arts Councils she travels to Spain refreshing her studies with the flamenco greats.  On this very special evening with Sparkfly she is going to share ways she renews her spirit through her passions of dance, choreography and connection with others. Monique will share how she renews her courageous and powerful presence and how you can awaken that in yourself.

Leslie Shewring

Leslie Shewring relocated back to Victoria from Los Angeles recently. She went to the U.S. to earn a degree in Architecture and Interior Design. Immediately after finishing school, Leslie had the opportunity to team up with a manufacturing and distributing company. Collaborating together, Leslie developed, designed, and handled packaging direction for many products sold in major retailers throughout North America. Although she loved her job, the deadlines, cross-country travel, and long trips to Asia did not fit with her ideal of family life. When Leslie had her first child 6 years ago, she stepped away. Now most of her days are spent with her two little kids, or in her home studio where she paints, collages, styles, and photographs. Leslie shares her creative projects on her blog A Creative Mint and she also authors a popular monthly column on the blog Decor8 called Color Me Pretty. In the past, Leslie has teamed up with Holly Becker to teach Blogging Your Way, a popular e-course that ran twice a year. Sensing a need to renew her creativity,  she took a step back from blogging this year to pursue opportunities that were a result of her online presence.  Not only is she publishing her first book through Chronicle Books  on flowers and decorating, she is launching a line of textiles which will be coming out in the new year.
During the evening, Leslie will share in her authentic and accessible way how the world of social media can be a place to renew’s one spirit and explore creativity if done with intention. She has built a large online community through her blog, pinterest and instagram that has led to renewed creativity in her own life as well as others. She will share about her commitment to practice creativity in small ways everyday in order nourish herself.

For more information and tickets please go to our Eventbrite page here.

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October 9th, 2013 at 11:13 am

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Seeking Balance in the Creative Mind – October 9th, 2013

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Join us for an evening of sharing, exploration, and great conversation. Prepare to find inspiration from the stories of two fabulous creative women who have made and are continuing to make their mark in Vancouver and beyond.

We are so excited to have the following women share their stories with us. We will learn how they arrived to the place they are in now and what was the catalyst that led them there.

Yvette Lu is an actress, writer, and a family physician, yes you heard right! Yvette will be sharing her story with us. How she came to acting and what it is like to divide her time between her job as a family physician and her creative life as an actress and writer. Yvette will also be performing a short segment of her one woman show during the evening.

Our second presenter is quite well known in East Vancouver as the owner of the lovely store Collage CollageErin Boniferro. Erin is an artist and educator and before opening Collage Collage in 2009, she taught at various places across Vancouver including Emily Carr University of Art & Design. Erin will be sharing her creative journey with us as well as doing a little craft session towards the end of the evening.

We also have exciting beautiful jewellery to give away donated by the lovely Britanny of Type b

Come join us and meet other creative women in Vancouver. Let’s learn more about each other and continue to build a supportive collective.

Tea and nibbles will be served and there will be a chance to mingle with the other Sparkflyers!

TICKETS available here:

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October 2nd, 2013 at 1:10 pm

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Finding Your Voice – a new Sparkfly event – Wed., June 12th!

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Join us for an evening of sharing, exploration, inspiration and great conversation. Prepare to get fired up as we listen to our speakers, Jenn Bebb, from What If and Maggie Anderson (aka Yoga Maggie Mama), as they encourage us to find our own voice, build big audacious dreams and find ‘radical self-acceptance’. You are certain to walk away feeling encouraged, motivated and ready to look at your self in a whole new way!

Our insightful speakers for this evening include:

Jenn Bebb – Writer, photographer, artist, big dreamer, inspirational speaker and co-creator of the What If conference. She is passionate about getting us to face our fears and work on our growing our muscles (our creative ones!).

Maggie Anderson – A seasoned yoga instructor who takes her takes her message of ‘radical self-acceptance’ off her mat and into the world to inspire others. She practices the arts of authenticity, love, and laughter and chooses to believe that our imperfections actually make us more perfect.

Come join us and meet other creative women in Vancouver. Let’s learn more about each other and continue to build a supportive collective. Limited tickets are available now!

Tea and nibbles will be served.

Be sure to join us for this event before Sparkfly goes on hiatus for the summer. Don’t worry, we will be back in the fall with more amazing events;)

All of our Sparkfly events have sold out as we only release a select number of tickets. So get yours now!

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“The Art of Noticing Life” at Little Nest, Thursday April 4

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We are thrilled to announce that tickets are now on sale for our next event on Thursday April 4.

samatdesk2 web

We will have Samantha Reynolds of Bentlily join us. Samantha was recently featured in Oprah Magazine and will share an interactive exercise to help us notice our lives and live in the moment.


picture from Scout Magazine

Jackie Ellis, Owner and Baker at Beaucoup Bakery, will join us too to tell us her interesting story from graphic designer to baker. Her baked goods are mouthwatering and she was included in the list of 40 Foodies Under 40 in Western Living Magazine this month!

As if this wasn’t enough, we will also be sharing a circle exercise with all of you to get to know each other better. Trust me, it is loads of fun!

Hope you will be able to join us on April 4. Please share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Tamar & Cherish

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March 15th, 2013 at 5:28 pm

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