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Sparkfly was conceived by Tamar and Cherish, two creative women who live in Vancouver and met through a shared love of photography.  Through Instagram, Flickr and their own blogs they reached out to find friendship and became creative companions along the way.  Their projects include EastsideWest, Shooting From Your Heart and now they are pleased to collaborate and launch a series of intimate events called “Sparkfly”,  that nurture and celebrate women and their creative journeys.

Tamar Haytayan Photography

With a photography degree from The Arts University College at Bournemouth as well as a postgraduate diploma in business and french, Tamar worked in London for a few years before spending one year volunteering in Armenia. It is there that she ran the country’s first English speaking radio show which, once in Vancouver, led to her contributions to Outfront on CBC Radio as well as a couple of articles for The Tyee. In the photography field, Tamar’s client list include Line21UBC Department of Family PracticeMary Jo Fetterly, and Lift Studios. Tamar’s work has also been featured on Shutter Sisters and Mortal Muses.

You can also find Tamar on Twitter, Flickr and ‘honing her creative and aesthetic sensibilities’ on Pinterest (or at least that what she calls it).

Cherish Bryck Photography

With a BA in Art and Cultural Studies from SFU, Cherish left the world of animation behind to start her own photography business and has never looked back.  Her photography client list includes The Social AgencyThe Donnelly GroupThe Food BankDOXAGrooster as well as numerous weddings and family portraits.  Her work has been featured on Shutter SistersMortal MusesVancouverMom,TedxKidsBC, The Globe and Mail and various other digital photography forums.

You can find Cherish in her other digital homes on FacebookTwitterFlickr and finding ‘visual solace’ on Pinterest (or at least that what she calls it).

Both Cherish and Tamar are excited to be attending “Oasis” at Camp Shutter Sisters this year together.

Photo credit: Tara Romasanta


Written by Tamar

July 13th, 2012 at 9:40 pm

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